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Libram Novus #11 Now Available!

Welcome to the eleventh issue of Libram Novus.

In this issue we bring you an alternative to the standard Combat Moves and Combat Styles found in the core Novus rules.

These alternatives also bring a host of smaller changes to the system, such as the implementation of Damage Caps, and additional weapons, and even minor changes to many classes to compensate for the new lack of Combat Moves.

Libram Novus #10 Now Available!

Welcome to the tenth issue of Libram Novus.

In this issue we go back to school. And the name of the class we are attending is Alchemy 101. In this issue we will go over the various specialties of the Magecraft skill required for crafting magical items and go into how such items are made using the rules.

And finally we will end up with an updated listing of the magical items from the core Novus book where these rules have changed the way that they are made.

Christmas Sale!

Merry Christmas!

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Tyrlon Update

Things have been moving slowly on Tyrlon for a while due to events in real life distracting me from working on it. However, another project that I am working on, that I cannot talk about just yet, has dovetailed nicely in giving me reason and allowing me time to continue working on Tyrlon.

Recently, I have finished the first draft of Tyrlon’s history, and have updated a map of the colonized lands to reflect the current situation. Down below is a new version of the map.

. . . → Read More: Tyrlon Update

Libram #9 now Available!

Welcome to the ninth issue of Libram Novus.

In this issue we bring you 4 new classes for use in your Novus games; the Bard, Mage Hunter, Paladin, and Shadowkin. We have also included the Class Spells for all 4 new Classes.

Additionally, we bring you Cantrips! Simple magic that almost anybody can learn! Cantrips are the simplest of magics, and they can add a lot of flavor to your game!