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Novus – Digest Version Now On Sale!!

Novus is now available in a digest format!! That’s right! You can now view Novus on any 7″ Tablet without having to scroll back and forth from one column to the next.

This is the complete game, including bookmarks, index, and internal hyperlinks just as the Deluxe version already has.

As an added bonus, all of the errata for Novus has been included and applied, so that the PDF is fully up to date!


Novus Digest-sized Character Sheet

I have recently been working on doing a Digest-sized (6″ x9″) version of Novus as something of an experiment, to see how it would look on 7″ tablets when compared to the normal 2 column formatted PDF.

As part of the process, I had to reformat everything to fit in that 6″ x 9″ format, including the character sheet. While I still have a little bit of work to do on the PDF itself before I can release it, I can release the Character Sheet for it now that I have that completed.

Here it is… Enjoy!

Novus Digest Character Sheet Novus Digest Character Sheet

New Developer’s Blog Post

Click to go to Developer’s Blog

There is a new Developer’s Blog post if you are interested in reading it. You can find it here.

Christmas Sale!

In the spirit of Christmas, we are putting print versions of Novus on sale from now until the end of the year! For this sale, all print copies of Novus will be 50% off their normal price. Just click on the Christmas Present to the right to be taken yo RPGNow, where you can find this sale!

After the Storm

Firehawk Games has joined with Evil Beagle Games and many others to create a Bundle product to specifically help those in need after Typhoon Haiyan.

This bundle has a retail value of nearly $170, but it can be yours for only $25, and the proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders to help those affected by the typhoon.

Just click on the image of the package to be taken to the Bundle (or this link) on RPGNow!